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SEO Is All About Creative Link Building

Potent SEO Tools That Make a Big Difference in the Ranking

Google is ever changing its policies. This means, your company website needs to be prepared for the future. This is how you can open the traffic floodgates in the days to come. This is precisely the reason why Search Engine Optimization has become an integral part of website building. It is no more an optional thing to consider. However, different factors contribute to building up an impactful website. That being said, there are individual elements that you cannot skip considering.

About Meta Descriptions

The reason of having Meta descriptions is:

  • To present a synopsis of your web pages to your visitors, as well as to the search engines.
  • To help enhance the regularity of manual ‘clicks’ on the result, when they are shown.

You can either hire professional SEO services to prepare Meta descriptions or use manual tools to have a preview of what has been made. While preparing Meta descriptions, you need to take care that:

  • It remains well within 156 characters./ This ensures that the words do not trail off.
  • There is no need to cram keywords into the Meta description.
  • Remember that keywords in the Meta description do not help to improve ranking. However, having keywords in the title tag can go a long way to enjoy a decent ranking.

Adding 404 Pages

You cannot skip the necessity of having a 404 page on your company website. It can be a very potent tool. It helps to:

  • Convey the message that a given requested page is not available right at the time of surfing.
  • An interestingly designed error page also proves your concern of keeping the customers glued to the website.

To make an error page exciting and genuinely appealing, you can add the following elements into it:

  • Useful links- if not anything else, the page should offer the ‘Home’ link. It would give a fast and friendly path to start afresh.
  • Easy navigation
  • Options to get in touch
  • The functionality of website search

To gather inspirations and resources to make the 404 pages of your website, you can:

  • Check the online gallery of catchy 404 pages
  • Google to explore the experts ‘tips’ on creating the perfect 404 page
  • Resort to the ‘Do It Yourself’ guides to make a customized 404 page.

Optimizing the Images

This is, technically speaking, literally art in the world of SEO. The search engines seldom ‘see’ the images in the way its creators or visitors would do. This is why the SEO experts need to add further information to explain any given model aptly. This, in turn, helps to enhance the ranking of your targeted keyword.

There are, by and large, four aspects of image optimization. This ensures its SEO-friendliness:

  • Filename: As the name suggests, it is the name of the picture file when you save it on the computer. So before you upload them to your website, make sure that the name of your data is not devoid of the targeted site. As, if you run a paint shop, then you can save your image as painting_home_servicephoto.JPG.
  • The title of the text- this text will be visible when a visitor would hover over the pictures. The title text should:
  1. Include the targeted keyword
  2. Describe the image, as well (as, Home Painting in Louisiana)
  • Alt-text- this text becomes visible if any picture fails to get uploaded. It is quite a handy feature for the visually impaired visitors, as well.
  • Size matters: Make sure that your images are rightly sized and compressed before uploading to your company website.

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