Tips to Market Your Telehealth Services

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You have recently launched your new tele-health services, aiming to better serve your clients. Congratulation, you should pat yourself in the back. However, before you start celebrating, maybe ask yourself this question – ‘How many of my clients know about the tele-health services I am offering?’

Well, if your clients aren’t aware of the service you created especially for them, then you have a lot of work ahead of you. You need to create a marketing strategy that addresses exactly how your clients will be made privy to your latest service offering.

Telehealth is a great tool that allows you to offer your service in a convenient and unprecedented manner. It allows you to.

  • Provide care to those in rural and under-reached areas
  • Connect while travelling
  • Care for those who are unable or unwilling to travel to the clinic.

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a few marketing tips that will allow you to communicate your message effectively to your patients.

So without much further ado, let’s get started.


Email is the simplest way to reach out to all of your clients in one go. It is crucial to collect your client’s email-id while noting down their information before you render your services. Simply create a comprehensive email, you can use graphics for effective communication, and send the mail to all your clients at once. Ensure you send emails by using the BCC option to respect your client’s privacy.


Your website is basically what defines the online identity of your business. As such, make sure you list down tele-health as the service you offer. Try to dedicate an entire page to the topic, covering everything about it to the very last detail. Make sure it is highlighted on your homepage, and your clients can conveniently navigate to it.

Social Media

Social media is where you go to seek attention. It is as true for a business trying to sell a service, as it is for a narcissistic teen trying to gain likes and shares with display of heavily filtered images. Announce the availability of your service on a social media platform. If your business has a large follower base online, then you simply make a post about tele-health and let it gain traction. If not, you can always opt for paid ads targeting your concerned audience.

Direct Communication

Probably the best way of letting your clients know about your service is by telling them personally after the end of a session. This allows you to directly talk to your clients about the services you plan to offer them, why they should opt for it, and answer queries, if any, on the spot.

In the Office

Finally, use your office to promote your new service. Put up posters around your office, visible to the naked eye. Print flyers with a catchy tagline. Simply tell them that they can now contact you from anywhere. Put them up on your front desk, so as to make sure the message is in your clients face in each and every appointment.

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