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Benefits of Technology in education

We are living in a technological era and we can see the influence of technology in every field. Technology has changed our life completely. It has changed the aspect and ideas of life. In every field, it has positively affected but when we talking about the positivity of technology we shouldn’t forget that everything has two sides so negative effects are also there but when we take positivity it has greater influence than negativity. It’s up to us how to use it and how to operate it. If we take educational field alone it has changed the idea of education. In the past education was limited to boundaries and gender but in this modern era technology has spread education all over the world. There were no boundaries for education and everyone is benefited by the technology. In the educational field, there were so many new developments and change from the rate. Change in learning and teaching process. Technology has brought new techniques and strategies to make learning and teaching process interesting and attractive for students.

New techniques in teaching

In the past teachers followed traditional methods and they didn’t have any other sources to make teaching interesting for students. But after the influence of technology in the educational field, we got new strategies and techniques which made teaching interesting. Now every classroom where digitized and teacher use the computer system in the classroom to make the teaching process interesting. Teachers involved technological devices in the curriculum and that made the students concentrate on subjects. When the teacher uses video clips pictures images as teaching tools there is no doubt that it really impressed students and they now completely concentrate on studies. It also helps the teacher to explain the subject easily and when they get the quality education it is natural that they will feel happy and satisfied with their profession.

Distance learning

Students have another option in a learning process that distances learning. There will certain people who dropped their educational career because of the financial problem or personal problem so such people can continue their education in distance learning. So many professional courses are available in distance learning and it really helped to get a certificate and to learn more.AS we know learning is a lifelong process everyone wants best in their life. So one can learn while earning. All learning materials are available on the internet. They will get everything they need in their single touch. When they are free they can learn and listen to lecturing videos. Then they can apply for the higher position if they acquire the certificates. So it really brought a good lifestyle for people and our research says that more than 90%of people admit themselves in distance learning because it’s easy and quick.

Helps students in their activities

In the past, they didn’t have any kind of reference books they just had textbooks and they have to do their work within that. This caused stress for students. But technology helped students to do their work easily and quickly. They can search for everything and they will get everything they need quickly. And the information’s will be correct and if they have any confusion regarding the subject and need extra class they can go for it too. It really helped to make students stress free and made them confident. When they get seminar project assignments they can refer it from technology and the internet. They can use it and learn from the internet. It really helped to boost the interest and confidence in students.

Experts in technological skills

When students get a technological education in their basic it made them expert in those skills. As we know we are living in the a21st century where technology plays its role. And our future will be more technology oriented and our coming generation must know the operating skills of technology. So by giving knowledge of technology at their beginning stage of academicals life, we will be able to prepare them for future life. Where technology will play its card and considered as very important in professional life.

There is no doubt that technology has brought a massive change in the educational system. At first people hesitated to use technological devices in the classroom but afterward, they understood the benefit of technology in education. Now more than 95%of schools and colleges use technology. It really helped to enhance the quality of education and helped to give quality education to students and prepared them for future life.


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