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Where and how you should you use Meta tags?

Meta tags are considered one of the most fundamental elements of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Every SEO practitioner must know about these tags. They are in existent for many years, and they have continued to be a significant portion of every search engine history. Meta tags were highly valued in the form of a factor in ratings before, until and unless people began to abuse their use for getting on top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). After that, Google selected Meta tags out of many ranking factors. No matter you work in an in-house or in an agency, the success of an SEO has got to do a lot of things with influencing other functions, like site merchandising, web development, PR, content marketing etc.

Though Meta tags are hugely used in search engines, yet they are a vital portion of the Google core algorithm. Hence, they can never be ignored. Meta tags are helpful to the website visitors and search engines to understand the content on a website page better. These tags aren’t the real content which gets featured on a page. The main purpose of Meta tags remains to describe the content. Hence, these HTML components are found in the <head> part of the HTML page, and never within the <body> part. As Meta tags are required to be written in the HTML manner, you may implement the tags, but you must know what is essential to set you up for being successful.

Three vital parts of Meta tags

  • Title – The title tag is viewed as the title text which is displayed in search engine listings.
  • Description – The meta description tag is the place where you would wish to put the summary of your site. This is also the place where you put the matter of your site and the things that you are offering to the people. However, the meta description shouldn’t be very long as the search engines do read only some words.
  • Keywords – The tag of meta keywords is the place where you put every keyword that you make use of on your site. It is commonly where you wish to have the words that will take you to the topmost of the SERPs page. Remember, your keywords are hugely essential so, even if you extract all the other words, the users would be able to know the contents of your site when they will go through the keywords.

Why are Meta tags utilized?

The significance of Meta tags says that the search engines should go through them for comparing if the keywords and the description do match with the apparent content. They also signify whether the keywords are present in your webpage or not? Meta tags check whether or not your meta description is associated with your content plus the niche of your site. Meta tags contain specific, and this is the reason’s search engines see them. Even if you discover that the Meta tags don’t hold much water when the matter comes to page ranking, still their significance is higher.

The ways to optimize Meta tags

The process of optimizing Meta tags can turn out to be time-consuming when you are handling a large website. They are also time-consuming when you are monitoring the existing ones. To know whether or not your Meta is filled out and well-organized you ought to make use of an audio SEO tool. And, in this context, On Crawl can undoubtedly help you to no end. A crawler offers the capability to check the performances of the Meta tags easily and also to detect the Meta that ought to be optimized.

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