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What is Google Update all about?

Google has officially publicized that “Speed Update” required for the mobile search is rolling out all over the world. People who were wondering, for them, this news holds enormous importance. According to the search giant, it will begin to consider page speed whilst ranking sites in mobile searches. Nearly six months after the actual announcement, this update is now accessible to all the users. It has been dubbed as ‘Speed Update’, and it promises to lessen the ratings of slow web pages in your mobile search. According to Google, people do bother regarding the speed of a webpage, and this is the reason for utilizing a page’s speed in the rating algorithm needed for mobile searches.

Google has also informed that this update will spread over the same standard to every page irrespective of the knowledge that they are created with. The actual blog post surrounding the ‘Speed Update’ has got updated by Google and it says that it has been rolling out for every user. Additionally, in the blog, Google has noted that this update will influence only those pages which deliver the most sluggish experience to the users and will also influence only a little percentage of queries. Nonetheless, the search giant also added that an inactive webpage still has this capacity to have a higher rank if it is equipped with relevant content.

How will update help the users?   

The ‘Speed Update” by Google rolled in July 2018, and so webmasters had got time for preparing their web pages. Google also recommends you to make use of the novice updated PageSpeed report plus tools, such as the LightHouse for measuring page speed besides making improvements. According to DoantamPhan and Zhiheng Wang, the ‘Speed Update’ will not affect all the pages but only the slowest ones. The matter with the PageSpeed Insights says that as ‘speed update’ will make use of data from the browser “Chrome”, so it will not have sufficient data to measure smaller sites, and this is the reason; the speed part of the report will be unobtainable for those users.

However, optimization scores will still be available although that isn’t sufficient for permitting sites to inform whether or not they have got slow pages. In the year 2010, Google had said that page speed was definitely a ranking factor, but at that, it only concentrated on the desktop searches. But, in the year 2018, it will focus on the speed on your mobile pages, and it will use just that as a rating factor. Google had been promising to observe mobile page speed for many years, but now it is coming. However, it is still unknown to many whether these rating factors will get applied to the desktop searches too. So, the users will have to wait for the update.

How the speed update will influence your AdWords account

According to the AdWords documentation, there are some ways to affect optimistic transformations, and they are:

  • Relevant, compelling content – You must make sure that predictions are picking up that you are putting down and your landing page ought to feature the keywords you are bidding on.
  • Be trustworthy – You must supply accolades and social proof for endorsing the competency of your business.
  • Make navigation a simple process – You must confirm that prospects get around your page without any difficulty. You must keep pop-ups far away.
  • Lessen loading time – You can consider making use of Ensure or AMP pages through any means and your landing pages will load fast on all the browsers or devices.
  • Make your website quicker – You should test the speed of your website’s page for ensuring that everything is proper according to Google.

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