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Ways and Methods for Internal Linking Your Website Pages

When you provide a link in a webpage that will connect viewers to another page, it is for helping the viewers to access more information on a similar note. The Internal linking is used for a navigational reason, and it also helps the readers jump directly to articles of similar ideas and subject. These related articles of another page will be read by the readers, and it will increase the viewer numbers or footprints of the website. This way the page view of the linked page increases – a reason that fulfills the urge to build a website with relevant content.

Easy for indexing and crawling

The links of a web page must be placed with care so that it helps the readers in their proper navigation. This link will help increase the page views and will also reduce the bounce rate. The relevant links must be worthwhile for the readers. Only then will they click on these links and reach the linked web page to go through it. The readers must spend long hours going through the linked articles. This will improve the indexing of the website and the crawling by the search engine. The search engines find it easier to base their ranking on these links that are connected internally.

Need a lot of contents for linking

When you have a lot of internal pages, only then shall you try to link them. For this linking – you should have a lot of content on the pages of your website. The strategy of content marketing is fulfilled with a large stock of contents on a regular basis. These contents often will be linkable, and thus you can create more links. This will help the marketing strategy for your website. Some strategies have complex layers and thinking. They have a mathematical formula for the number of links that the page should have. But often it is seen that it does not matter much.

Important aspects of links

The SEO field needs the Internal linking as this help a website to get a higher ranking from the search engines. These links can even reshape how the search engines view the site that you have created. There are some different aspects of the links. These are anchor text, link location, and the page that the link redirects your viewers. The anchor text is the text that gets highlighted when the link is incorporated, and it is considered the important part. The location of a link is also important. There are some areas where people place the links but are not approved by the search engines.

Anchor text and format

Some sites often create single links that point to another page of the site. The search engines take note of the first anchor text and will give it importance. Again the link that you are using should be created with HTML format and not with some other format. When you are using anchors for your site, you should not use optimized anchors, but the unoptimized ones are better. The anchors must be proper words, and you should highlight it and create the link.

Structure of a website

You may find people trying to link their site in different ways. The professionals often will give you this idea to think about the website as a pyramid. The contents are at the top, and so the articles that you have got are called cornerstone content. There must be links connecting the essential contents to the pages that have got similar topics. This way the link value is passed on to the related pages. You can also link the top pages to pages that have related topics. The search engines will appreciate the endeavor to link internally to contents with related topics.

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