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How voice search optimization is assisting people

SEO or Search engine optimization has emerged much more than just placing the keywords. These days content matters much more than just the keywords. Voice search is making the companies think about the SEO strategy. Most of the companies are attempting to be mobile friendly during the last few years, but this aspect was overlooked by many. Presently, there are more than 100 million tablets and mobile phone users who have installed the voice search app on their devices. It has become much more comfortable for the mobile internet users to speak rather than typing the words.

The users have to ask questions instead of just stating the keyword. The website gets a higher ranking if it can answer the questions asked by the mobile users. Google provides answers to the questions on almost 19 per cent of the total searches. The search engine is inclined more towards offering clues to the users. If the content is not arranged in the manner through which Google can provide answers to the queries, then it may impact the rankings of mobile as well as voice. FAQ strategy works best in Voice search optimization. Make the keywords sound natural and do not force it on the content.

Voice search statistics

The importance of voice search cannot be underestimated under any circumstance. According to a research, 55% of the teenagers utilize voice search regularly, and 56% of the adults enjoy voice search. It is not only fun but convenient too. It is just tech-savvy and offers significant help if you are multi-tasking. With each passing day, the internet is going to witness an increase in use for this kind of search. Google based voice searches have increased dramatically in the last few years. You must get acquainted with this form of search if you want to stay ahead. However, the optimization technique for typed search and voice search are different.

The growth of voice search is the result of the effect in the rise of mobile search. The number of smartphone users has increased drastically in the last few years as mobile search has intensified in a big way. Voice search is likely to be more local. Users are expected to use the location-enabled searches more for the voice queries. A simple and an efficient way of comprehending voice search are by trying it yourself. You can try those questions that can bring the users to the website and voice search will be at the forefront shortly.

Digital Assistants     

People find it easier to do searches using digital assistants. Search engines are using voice searches in a significant way. If you begin your website, then you should take advantage of this modern trend. Start with the domain name. Ensure that the domain name is marketable, pronounceable, concise, and catchy. Pronounceable is vital in the voice searches. If the domain name has these aspects, then hurry and register it at any hosting site so that your domain name is at least unique. Besides the domain name, be careful regarding the content.

Before you post details such as About Us, Homepage, Contact Us, Blog, News, and other pages make sure that everything has long-tailed keywords. These keywords are more extended and grammatically correct. When you search on Bing or Google, you type the keywords but not in a particular order. On the other hand, with voice search, you can make long search queries. This happens because the users can be more conversational and can speak longer sentences and longer phrases. Besides long keywords, other things are there that make the voice searches different. These apps are there to assist the users. When the right configurations are used, the assistants help the users.

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