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Things to Note While Going For Voice Search Optimization

You might not have known this before, but almost 41 percent of adults and 55 percent of adult internet users reportedly resort to the voice searches. In fact, they do it several times in a day. As the gizmo gurus estimate, by 2020, almost 50% of the web searches would be done through voice services. This means that Cortana, Alexa, Siri, and others would help you find the nearest confectionaries, as well as to remind you of the critical dates of the year.

Why Use Voice Command for Search

The voice recognition technology is becoming more sophisticated than ever. With the improvement in accuracy and versatility, the internet users realize the benefits of utilizing voice commands. As Google research puts it, people have different reasons to use it. As:

  • It helps the users to multitask efficiently
  • It eases day-to-day managing activities
  • It allows users to control things faster
  • It makes the everyday routine simpler

For example, you are likely to find voice commands extremely helpful when you are cooking. You might need to check some recipes fast. However, if your hands remain covered with flour, then the voice command service would come as a great help. It also doubles up as a helpful hands-free tool to gather local business facts and figures while driving.

The Main Considerations

The use of voice commands is growing. As a brand owner, you need to chalk out strategies to focus on optimization of voice search of your company website. You might want to get some practical ideas in this regard:

  • Target the content, as well as the keywords over everything. While searching for the keywords, remember the conversational style of voice searches.
  • Make sure that your web service provider forms questions that your potential visitors might ask. Your website content needs to have answers to all the queries. In fact, it is a good idea to develop Q and A content to your company website.
  • Customize the voice search service of your site. Google is increasingly becoming adaptive of voice-activated applications. For example, you can use this service to get traffic information while any individual searcher is commuting. You can even customize the reminders and data.
  • It is more than essential to ascertain the mobile-friendliness of your website.
  • It is also critical that your company site follows the best practices of Google’s mobile SEO.

Content Development and Site Structure

While creating a content strategy unique for voice search optimization in your business website, it is important to map your questions on the different points from the customers’ point of view. This would ensure the fact that you will be ever available via voice search whenever your potential customers look for you.

Now the question is what the actual pointers in your customer journey are? Consider the following:

  • The need for awareness- what can be the perfect voice assistant for your business?
  • Evoking interest- see whether you can make phone calls with it?
  • Evaluation- who is smarter? Siri, Alexa or Google?
  • Purchase- considers how much it takes to optimize voice command.
  • Loyalty- check which products work best with Google Home and different voice search services.

Creating Q&A page For Improved Optimization

The Question and answer pages is a rather simple way to optimize your website. It mainly works for the “when, where, what, why and how” questions. They also work for the conversational phrases, as well as the long-tail phrases. To create the Q and A section, you can:

  • Begin with the most significant information to answer the queries.
  • Add more details that go beyond direct answer, as well as impart visual support.
  • Finish with relevant case studies and examples.

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