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The contents that can attract website traffic poll

Content is highly necessary for SEO (search engine optimization). It will continue to be one of the most vital organic search ranking factors. Today, you are living in the age of content explosion and so, churning out plus distributing hordes of content has never been more appropriate. When you are looking for improving your perceptibility in search engines, then you are needed to know what sort of content you ought to create. Hence, what type of content turns out to be most effectual for fetching website traffic. When this question was popped up in Twitter then the responses were as follows:

According to the audience of SEJ’s twitter, the following are the rankings:

  • Written content – Written content is viewed as the most operative content that attracts website traffic, and nearly 40.4 per cent of respondents said this.
  • Video content – According to 34.3 per cent respondents, video content is the most efficient form that can drive traffic to the websites.
  • Visual content – Visual content is regarded as the top traffic-generator, and 25.3 per cent of respondents hold this view
  • Audio content – Audio content hasn’t got a positive response in attracting website traffic.

Valid types of content that can drive more traffic

  • Infographics – By infographic is meant the presentation of data or information in a visual form. Infographics get viewed more, shared more, and love more compared to other content types. They are a potent way of getting your information in an explosively pictorial format.
  • Meme – Memes can be easily made, and they are viral plus hilarious. The main benefit of memes is their humor. The best part is they don’t need design skills, and quick memes are viewed as sites which permit you to include your text to well-known meme images.
  • Videos – An excellent video transfers a message memorably and succinctly. A video which has been done excellently can be exceptionally persuasive.
  • Guides – A guide is considered as a detailed, long piece of content. A guide goes beyond the style, length, and approach of a simple blog post.
  • Book reviews – Book reviews are considered simple discussion surrounding a book plus your view on it. The reviews of a book are great as they help in positioning you in the form of a thought leader.
  • Opinion post – This kind of post is different from the typical blog posts because of its tone. However, the opinion or rant can be more expressive and stronger and so, if your position is more vociferous, then you will be read and shared more.
  • Product reviews – Similar to a book review, product reviews can help in establishing authority plus leadership within your industry. When you involve manufacturers, service providers, or key developers then you manage to gain respect and recognition.
  • How-to – This is also one of the most well-known kinds of content.
  • Lists – These have limitless appeal and lists are hugely popular since ancient times. The main thing is a person can’t be incorrect with this type of content.
  • Link pages – Link pages are considered as posts that provide links to different resources surrounding the web. The best thing about these pages is they do spread link love to various sites.
  • Ebook – An ebook is recognized as a long content which is packed in a unique format, like a PDF. You can download Ebooks, and it is obtainable for free when you join a mailing list.
  • Case Study – Case studies explain about a product or a service and how it assisted a client.
  • Podcast – Podcasts too are hugely popular, and they are also great forms of content. The best part is they are extremely easy to create. Numerous people listen to them so you can get this opportunity to spread your message beyond.

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