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Simple SEO tips that will shoot website traffic sky high

Okay, so you have heard all about search engines and how they operate. You have also come to know about the possible things that can make a website rank higher in the search engine. But, the main catch is how to sustain the rank in the pole position. Understanding how an SEO works is crucial because it is the ultimate way in which you can actually “sell” your website. Just like you, there are thousands of other people who are trying to come up with ideas that will help get more and more traffic for their respective website. What everyone is missing is the fact that the ideas are really simple and it only takes a tweak here and a simple change there to ensure that the traffic of the website never comes down. So, here are some of those tips given below that you can try:

Search for unused keywords

By now you must be aware that websites and SEO work hand in hand and the key point of their contact is the keyword(s) from the website. It is like the must-have factor in websites that can make or break their presence on the web. You may think that your website is doing well over the last few months because of the extensive keyword research that your team has done. Well, that may be good news for the time being, but if you see the bigger picture, you will have to continue with the keyword research. But, how will that be possible if you have used the possible keywords that can help get maximum traffic for your website?

That is exactly when you need to discover some of the unused keywords that can work for your site. There are numerous websites that that can help you get such keywords. In fact, your competitors may have already tapped onto those websites and found some of the keywords that you have not used. If you see from the customer’s side, you will understand how to search for these keywords. Your basic search has to be with the words that your customers would most commonly use in order to get the products or services that you are offering. Your second job would be to compare if your competitor is also using similar keywords or not. Once you get an idea about the words that would fit best, you can get use them in your website. Even bringing back keywords that you may have used initially, but it is no longer being used can have a positive impact in getting more traffic for your website.

Keep an eye on the page speed

Customers love it when they can surf through a website at a fast pace. If your website takes time to load or if the pages take time to appear on screen, it would have a negative effect on the customer. This is probably one of the easiest ways to ensure that your website has a good traffic all the time in a search engine. Optimizing of a search engine for a website does not only mean keyword research. It also means how well you are serving the customer when he/she comes online. There are many ways to make sure that the pages of a website is working smoothly and fast. Given below are few tips:

  • Including CSS or JavaScript files or too many images and videos brings the speed of the website down to a great extent. Yes, images may be important to describe a product or service, but that does not mean you need to have images for every goddamn thing that is present on your website. Also, when you are uploading images, you should see to the fact that they are not too high resolution photos. Unless it is very important to include videos, it would be best to opt out of them as they take up too much space of the website and makes them slow.
  • The second thing would be to reduce the number of plugins that are installed in the website. It is true that plugins help in making the website look good and also give more features to it, but they also make the site work slower than usual. So, when you are getting the website designed, do make sure that you inform the designer about the features that are most needed. Accordingly, he/she will decide which plugin would be best.

Focusing on the content

Most people who are focused on keywords often forget that the content of the website is another factor that can bring unexpected amount of traffic. The entire concept of keyword and content is interrelated. When a potential customer wants to search something on the internet, he/she will type in the related keywords that will help get what they want. However, when the websites come up, the one that has good content about the products and services will be preferred by most visitors. A website mainly consists of the services and products that a company deals in. But, the way in which those products and services are described makes a great impact on the website traffic in the search engine. No visitor would like a website that offers poor description of the items that they sell. Also, you need to have a home page where you will inform the visitors about the company and its mission and vision. All these will not only make a website look professional, but the visitors will also love to visit the website over and over again. This will automatically create good traffic in the search engine.

There is also another way that can make the content better and help create more traffic. When a website describes the products and services that the company offers, it only limits the description to the features and functions. However, if you go a bit further and explain the benefits and the ways in which the product or service will help the customer, then it would create more interest in the buyer. It creates a good impression on the buyer psychologically and the chances of the customer visiting the website again will increase. If you want to get a direct result of website traffic, you may have to wait slightly longer because the effects are not almost immediate. But, it has been proved a number of times that if you focus on the content of the website and make the product descriptions more interesting for the reader, it would be great for the website traffic.

Paying attention to the pages in the website

If you observe the way in which a search engine, you will notice that they prefer sites that keep their content updated all the time. Here, content does not mean the description of products and services. It means the overall content of the website. Starting from the pages that are present in the website to the way in which the pages are managed, everything is taken into consideration when it comes to deciding the traffic of a website in a search engine. So, here are some of the best ways to manage website pages that will make sure that there is always good traffic for your site:

  • Keeping a check on the word count of each page will matter a lot. There are many websites that have too much information on one page. That is not the way to go if you want to have a constant traffic for the website. It would be best to have content limited to 500 words or a maximum of 700 words so that visitors would not get bored while reading.
  • Another interesting way to ensure that your website is running smoothly and attracting more traffic is by deleting the pages that do not serve the customer’s purpose any more. There are times when your company had declared a flash sale and customers responded to that offer amazingly well. However, even after the sale is over, you did not get the page removed from the website. Yes, you can always plan to open another flash sale in the next few days and you think it would be useless to take down the page and put it up again when the sale is on. That is a mistake that most people will make. The few days when the sale is not on and your website has to maintain similar traffic, it would be wise to take that page down in order to create space for fresh content in a fresh page. Similarly, if there are any pages or blogs that exist in the website that does not add much value to the site, it would be great to delete those posts and pages.
  • In addition to updating the content and deleting obsolete pages, you should also see to the fact that there should not be pages that are almost similar to each other. Your duty would be to get those pages merged keeping in mind the word count. This will make the pages shorter and will not only be an easy read for visitors, but the size of the website will also come down to a great extent and make the site faster.

Deal in “Best of’s”

When we are talking about getting traffic for a specific website, it does not have to be of any particular company promoting its products and services. It can be a website of a simple blogger who makes his/her living from the articles that he/she posts on the site. There are probably millions who make their living by writing exciting blogs. You may have accidentally tripped on to some of the interesting articles on the web because of the writing style and came back again to read some of the latest writings of that blogger. But, from the blogger’s point of view, he/she would want to have as many followers as possible. This is basically the traffic of the site and that would generate the income of the blogger. One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while aiming to have a greater amount of traffic is the title of the topic that you are posting on your blog. Considering the fact that you already have a running blog and you update your posts almost regularly, it would be an absolute magic if you can tweak with the titles or headings of the posts that you are uploading. Suppose, you are a commoner and you search the web for “Tips to lose weight quickly”. Now, which title would you rather like; “Best of the best fitness tips to keep you in shape” or “Simple tips to lose weight”? The former title sounds more interesting, right? You already know that the blog would contain very few selected tips that will help to lose weight. There is a certain sense of definiteness in the title and psychologically it keeps the reader ahead of the title “Simple tips to lose weight”. So, as a reader you would first look into the blog with the first title before moving on to the other site. That is exactly what “Best of’s” mean. Such catchy title along with content have better chances of getting more traffic than you think. Also, the presence of crucial keywords in the title is important because your blog site would come up immediately if there are more keywords matching in the search engine.

Search engine optimization is a much wider concept than what people think it is. Every year entrepreneurs spend millions to keep their company’s website rank in the top position so that there is more traffic every minute. What they miss is the fact that even the simplest of ideas and changes can provide almost similar results that you get by spending millions. The above tips are tried and tested by millions and even the SEO experts are of the opinion that these factors have the ability to change the game in a few days.

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