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Why should you increase the page speed score?

You can easily relate to the experiences when the website stalls before it begin to load the content or when the content loading is very slow. Both the experiences are incredibly annoying. There are serious consequences with a sluggish website. The webpage speed is directly related to the brand value and customer services. An inactive webpage can hinder visitors from entering the site and can reduce the potential income. This does not really matter where you download and for other actions where speed is not an important metric but speed is essential in cases of e-commerce websites. Even one-second delay in page loading can result in a loss of millions of dollars annually.

So, what does speed indicates to the website managers? Do everything that you need to do to enhance the speed of your webpage for desktop as well as mobile sites. If the website is responsive, ensure that it works correctly on every kind of device. When you test your website and find out that the speed is not optimum, then call a web developer who knows how to optimize the speed of the site. You can utilize the Page Speed Insights of Google and see the score. Look at your page size. Try to reduce as much as possible by optimizing its images, loading the external ads, and compressing the code.


Speed is very critical when the website’s visitors use mobile devices although desktop visitors are not far behind. Google notes the optimization of all the sites, and when the results are weak, the search rankings get reduced automatically by its algorithms for the Page Rank. Many factors are involved when you talk about the page ranking by Google. All the elements are not given equal weight, and some of them are as important as the speed. The website should be quite responsive, and it should work well on all kinds of devices.

Your security certificate should be in place whether the site is an e-commerce one or not. After this, the website should be optimized for speed. Once all these things are at the place you can add more content although speed is the most crucial element after content. Users who want to speed up the mobile pages can take advantage of AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP offers a smoother, faster and engaging experience to the mobile users. AMP pages load the pages 85 per cent faster than the standard mobile pages. With the increase in speed of your webpage, you can provide people with a delightful and fast mobile experience.

Few tips that can speed up mobile sites

The expectations of people are rising as the digital experiences are rising. Mobile web is not an exception. But, often the excitement of searching the best deals offered by the e-commerce sites is hindered by the slow websites. We eagerly anticipate loading of a website and then abandon it out of frustration. Most of the businesses struggle with this problem. On an average, a mobile webpage takes about 15.3 seconds for loading. If the users get a negative experience, there are a very few chances for people to purchase from that website even if the marketing campaigns for the site are beautiful.

Use the Speed Scorecard tool that can help you to compare the speed of your mobile site with the industry peers. When the matter is of mobile speed, then the loading time should be 5 seconds or even less on all the mobile devices that have 3G connections. Even, if the pace gets enhanced by 1 second, you can see a lot of customers. A slow site not only frustrates the customers but limits the business too. Even a second delay in loading time affects the mobile conversions by 20%.

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