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About Us

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Our Approach

We follow a simple, but proven, process that ultimately helps to protect the client, while subsequently ensuring they’re able to get the results that they desire.

1. Analyzing – First and foremost, we’ll analyze the client’s blog and determine the niche.

2. Outreach – We’ll contact relevant site owners and attempt to gain approval for a guest post.

3. Content Creation – The highest quality content will be created. All content is written by our highly skilled team of native English writers. All content is readable, relevant and very beneficial for our clients.

4. Publish And Report – Once the content is approved and published, we’ll notify the client and deliver the report.

Meet the Team

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Founder & CEO

Daniel is the CEO of Smartguestpost. He has a good knowledge in Digital Marketing Activities. He founded smartguespost in 2016 with a goal to get clients “found” on the web through organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Now he is working with 100+  clients worldwide with the help of his talented team of 5 specialists, still operating under the tagline




Author & Contributor

Journo graduated from the University of Stanford with a degree in Advertising in 2013. Since then he has developed a strong knowledge of the advertising industry working across a variety of formats in both UK and overseas. If you are wondering how your online presence can be stronger and how Marketing Signals can help you, Journo is your man.